Eight tips to be successful in ‘Paragon’

Paragon is the next MOBA in development by the renowned company Epic Games has many fans counting the minutes for its launch, which will be very soon on PlayStation 4 and PC. As many of you know, part of that emotion It is related to cross-play between the two platforms mentioned above, a feature that is beginning to be important in this generation.

Fortunately, for calm the cravings from fans and show a little more of the game, Epic Games has published a new Paragon gameplay aimed at sharing with us some tips that we should take into account before starting to play. On this occasion we will not have the presentation of any character, but the 8 tips can give you a basic notion of gameplay and everything we should (and shouldn’t) do.

If you are interested in learning how not to be too bad at this multiplayer proposalyou can take a look at the gameplay below:


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