EVERSPACE 2 Stinger’s debut is now available on Steam, GOG and soon on the Windows Store

ROCKFISH Games is excited to share the news today regarding their latest update of EVERSPACE 2: it will be available for players on Steam, GOG and will be available soon on the Microsoft Store. As part of this update, the first WIP localization has been added, bringing EVERSPACE 2 to eager space pilots around the world.

Stinger’s Debut, previously titled Rogue’s Debut in the 2022 roadmap, adds the Stinger, EVERSPACE 2’s third light fighter class. This new ship focuses on electronic warfare, making devices a key component for pilots who prefer spacecraft. agile and skill-focused. When using naval devices, a third weapon hardpoint is activated under Stinger’s hull, dealing 50% more primary damage. Stinger’s Void Swarm Ultimate instantly resets the device’s cooldown and releases a swarm of aggressive micro-bots that consume everything in their path, giving priority to the blocked target. Upon return, these robots restore the hull and armor of the player’s ship based on the damage dealt. Stinger ships can take to the skies with random perks like 20% reduced cooldown for support or war devices, Void Swarm radius increased by 25%, or cloak for five seconds after its shield is depleted.

Along with a new hostile sub-faction, the Okkar Prime, the update also brings improved resource creation and gathering capabilities, as well as new equipment, story content, perks, and additional challenges scattered across EVERSPACE 2’s star systems. Along with these improvements, the ROCKFISH Games team has rebalanced parts of the game and added experimental difficulty levels that can be changed at any time.

“While Stinger’s Debut doesn’t add a new star system to explore as in previous updates, the added features and substantial changes deepen the overall experience, especially when launching a new game,” said Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games. “We have created a new player data pool that analyzes the impact of this update’s changes and additions to core game systems such as crafting, mining, naval devices, and the new game progression curve. We can’t wait to see how many catalysts and blueprints will be found and what new builds the best pilots will come up with.

Stinger’s debut update will also include experimental user interface and text language support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean, so that the EVERSPACE 2 international community can join in the fun of full capacity. As early localization implementations may not yet be perfect, the localization for EVERSPACE 2 will be continually updated along with the missing text and required fixes for the full version in early 2023.

The EVERSPACE 2 demo on Steam has been updated with all relevant changes, including WIP localization. In the updated demo, players around the world can explore the first sector of EVERSPACE 2’s first star system and bring their rescue to Early Access.

A full list of features and fixes can be found in the Stinger’s Debut Update Steam community post.

EVERSPACE 2 has two other major updates slated for release in 2022. Drake: Gang Wars will add the massive Drake star system to the game, launching pilots in the middle of a three-faction battle over fire and ocean planets. Ancient Rifts, scheduled for this fall, will give players their first taste of endgame content with high-risk, high-reward challenges.