Everyone in Final Fantasy VII Remake will have voice actors

Thanks to the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Dengeki its director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase, have offered us new details about one of the most anticipated PS4 games, a classic like Final Fantasy VII who will receive a long-awaited – and very, very requested – remake exclusively for the Sony desktop.

I’m sure you all remember that In the original the characters did not have a voiceIn its review, the company has decided that all the characters have dialogues provided by voice actors, actors who could also repeat in future titles in the saga such as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

That will not be the only significant change, the studio is working to make the game not a simple facelift through new maps, an expanded story, a revision of the minigames and who knows if the introduction of the open world.

In any case, Square Enix is ​​aware of the care they must take in the reconversion to not modify the original excessively, and it is already known that fans can be very enthusiastic about the good and the bad. We are looking forward to seeing the final result so we can judge it and, of course, enjoy it.

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