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Explanation of the statues of eternity of love and thunder

Explanation of the statues of eternity of love and thunder

Wondering about the faces of the statues in Thor: Love and Thunder’s Gates of Eternity? We will help uncover their identities by analyzing the trailer and the fight against Gorr the Butcher God. So here’s a full breakdown of every figure from the latest movie.

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All Thor: Love and Thunder Eternity Statues Listed

If you were able to see some remarkable faces at the Gates of Eternity, you may have been surprised to see various cosmic beings that rule the universe. Find out who makes a brief appearance in Thor and the rest of the gang’s new journey.


Source: Marvel Comics

One of the first statues we see during the battle against Gorr the Butcher God is Eon, a cosmic being with the power of time. Like all the gods on this list, he has been around for billions of years since the creation of the universe. He was also in many Marvel Universe comics, such as Captain Marvel and Quasar.

In the Quasar Number 2 comic, Eon details his origins and indicates that he is a descendant of Eternity, the Cosmic Axis, and time. His central function is to appoint a “protector of the universe”, the first being Glakandar, a mysterious member of the Stygian race.

There isn’t much confirmation of Eon’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; the only known reference is the depiction we see in Thor: Love and Thunder.

lady death

Source: Marvel Comics

While checking out the movie trailer, you may have noticed a hooded skull face. This statue is none other than Lady Death, also known as the personification of death itself. She is the reason for decay and extinction, including her shapeshifting abilities, immortality, and possession.

As Eternity’s counterpart, Death has been through many adventures due to his willingness to seek conquest and destruction. For example, one instance shows the cosmic being trying to kill Dracula by manipulating humans, while another features a story of Thanos falling in love with her and destroying universes to win her over.

Lady Death was supposed to be in the MCU’s Infinity War timeline, but the Russo brothers had to scrap the idea when the story arcs were already at full capacity. In an interview with Insider, they expressed the importance of the character in Thanos’ journey and explained that they only had time to show the relationship between him and Gamora.

the living court

Source: Marvel Comics

Since the existence of the multiverse, The Living Tribunal has traveled the universe to maintain balance, even if it means wiping out entire civilizations in the process.

His most notable feature is his three masked faces, each representing a different personality type: Fairness, Need, and Vengeance. There is also a fourth face that has not yet received its form; however, it suggests that he is connected to the Stranger, another powerful force with the powers of strength and wisdom.

The Living Tribunal appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, during the scene where America Chaves and Stephen Strange walk through a kingdom with statues of the character.

the observer

Source: Marvel Comics

And yes… ? He first showed us The Watcher as the omniscient observer of the entire universe, and now he returns in Thor: Love and Thunder.

In the television series, he acts as a guide to the infinite realities mentioned throughout the show’s timeline, such as an alternate dimension in which T’Challa is Star-Lord and one in which Thor is an only child. We then see the character again in Loki, but this time as Kang the Conqueror, a counterpart to The Watcher created by Sylvie when she killed him in his specific realm.

In fact, Loki season 2 will tell more about this character, with the possibility that he will reprise his role in What if…?


Source: Marvel Comics

The collaboration of Infinity and Eternity produced the very existence of time and space. Because Thanos was obsessed with the Infinity Stones, he considers the cosmic to be the best, despite other astral entities such as One Above All, Stranger, and Zeus.

According to the comics, the Asgardian king Odin got some of his powers using a bit of silver. Unfortunately, the component was stolen by the Goddess of Death, Hela, resulting in a threat to the universe.

The only time we’ve seen Infinity before was during the Temple Vault scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, which features art for the Infinity Stones created by Entropy, Infinity, Death, and Eternity.

arishem the judge

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

As Thor fights to protect the children of Gorr, a statue of Arishem the Judge breaks and almost falls on the young group of Asgardians.

You may have recognized this character as the Celestial Judge who commands the Eternals. In the movie, he is responsible for creating the Deviants and destroying multiple planets through the cosmic event Emergence.

Because Arishem said he’s coming back to judge Sersi and the rest of the Eternals, he’ll likely play a larger role in the upcoming film.


Source: Marvel Comics

Of course, Eternity had to have a statue of itself at the Gates of Eternity, rebuilt by Gorr in the last movie.

In the God Butcher’s mission to assassinate almighty beings, he seeks to find eternity, primarily due to the entity’s wish-granting abilities. In addition to this ability, the powerful being also possesses unlimited powers in the universe and vast knowledge of everything and everywhere, similar to the Watcher.

Now that it’s been introduced into the MCU, it’s unclear if Eternity will return in future installments. However, he still had a significant impact on the Love and Thunder storyline, so there’s a chance he’ll use his techniques in an upcoming movie or TV series.

That’s all you need to know about all the statues in Thor: Love and Thunder Eternity. Before you go, check out our guide on who played Hercules in the movie, and feel free to browse the relevant links below.

Featured Image Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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