Famitsu brings us new screenshots of ‘Caligula’

Developer Fyury is currently developing Caligula, the next JRPG from the company that is expected as a PlayStation Vita exclusive and will be released throughout this year in Japan; including a scenario by Persona and Persona 2 writer Tadashi Satomi. On this occasion the popular Famitsu magazine brings us a round of new screenshots from the game.

In this installment, the protagonists they end up locked up in a virtual reality world called “Mobius” created by the “μ” software, thanks to which all humans become school students who spend their days maintaining the life of an ordinary student. They carry trapped for so long within Mobius who have forgotten their real life, although later for different reasons, each student begins to realize that Mobius is not a real world and suspicions begin to arise. You can learn more through the following link.

You can to take a look Check out the new gameplay screenshots in the gallery below:


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