‘Far Cry Primal’ ‘Survivor’ mode is now available

Ubisoft has finally released the long-awaited update of Far Cry Primal, which weighs 849 MB on PlayStation 4 and adds, among other interesting things, permanent death for more experienced players.

As we previously informed you, when entering this mode, enemies such as animals and members of other tribes will become more difficult to defeat, animals will not be tamed as easily, the natural elements as cold and fire will affect us on a greater level and the night will be a much more difficult environment to explore than before. Now we will even have a stamina meter that will limit our movements.

However, the main feature What catches our attention the most is “permanent death.” This means that when a player dies within Survival mode, he will have no choice but to start the game from the beginning, with no save point or respawn nearby. This probably it will take many hours to complete the game, but those who succeed will receive a “special prize” from Ubisoft, as well as some special trophies.

You can find all the detailed changes in the following infographic:


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