‘Final Fantasy XV’ will be localized for Latin America and Brazil

Those of you who belong to Latin America will be happy to hear one of the latest announcements from Square Enix about the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV, which will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year, although we do not have a more specific date.

It turns out that for the first time in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise, an installment will have an exclusive location for Latin America in Latin Spanish and for Brazil in Brazilian Portuguese, both available in text options.

He game directorHajime Tabata, has “thanked all the Final Fantasy fans in Latin America and Brazil for always supporting us. I visited Mexico last year for the first time to promote Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and through the Mexican press I was able to personally see the passion of fans in Mexico and neighboring regions.”

As he stated, he has been pondering this possibility for some time since a few months ago. “From that moment on I started thinking about how to compensate those passionate fans throughout Latin America and Brazil. So this time, we took the opportunity to respond to your enthusiasm for Final Fantasy XV and we decided to launch a new version of the game with translated texts in Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.”

“We believe that history is one of the most important elements of the Final Fantasy games and that players in Latin America and Brazil would love to be able to enjoy this story in their own language. Right now, we are working on localization of those two languages ​​together with our associates, ensuring that this version of Final Fantasy XV is the best possible version of the game. Stay tuned for the launch!”

You can to take a look to the announcement below:


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