‘Final Fantasy XV’ will have a Spanish translation in Latin America thanks to fans in Mexico

With the video that you can see in this news, the director of Final Fantasy XV himself, Hajime Tabata has confirmed that his title will arrive in Spanish in Latin America. Tabata himself, in addition to the Spanish, has confirmed the Portuguese from Brazil, specifying that this decision was made after the presentation in Mexico of Final Fantasy Type 0, where both the media and the fans of the country left the developers of the game impressed, who they did not expect. so much expectation in that territory.

Thanks to the Mexican media We realized the passion of the fans in Mexico and its surrounding areas. That’s why I’ve been thinking about how to make it up to the passionate Final Fantasy fans in Latin America and Brazil.

At the moment there is no release date for the game although Square Enix confirmed that it would arrive in 2016.


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