‘Firewatch’ developers working to improve performance on PS4

Firewatch It is an indie title developed by Campo Santo and published by the distributor Panic, which was released today on both PC and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately on the latter, the game is presenting performance problems.

Problems are due to the engine used for this game, Unity, and apparently they are related to software and platform compatibility; something that slips out of hand of Campo Santo. However, the company has confirmed that it is working with Sony and Unity to solve the problem. as soon as possible.

These were the company’s words:

We are currently working alongside Sony and Unity and are working to optimize the performance of Firewatch on PS4.

It’s a bit complicated because it requires teamwork from all partners (it’s not something we can solve on our own, like a bug in the game), but we will definitely continue to patch all platforms with every piece of content and patch we can release.


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