Fishing Sim World with official release date and Polish box edition

Fishing Sim World is a production that should please all fishing fans. The game’s release on personal computers is scheduled for October 5. The distributor of the title is CDP and in addition to the digital version of the game, a boxed edition will also be available. Fishing Sim World is intended to combine realistic game physics with faithful reproduction of fish behavior, ensuring unique fishing emotions from the very beginning.

A big advantage Fishing Sim World will be that we will get many places to try our hand at it. We will discover American lakes in Florida and upstate New York. There will be no shortage of places in Europe, including the famous French lake Gigantica Main Lake or the demanding British Grand Union Canal.

The most important features Fishing Sim World

Fish species – 18 different species, each with a unique behavior model and AI,
Fishing equipment – selecting equipment from hundreds of combinations of rods, reels and baits, including licensed equipment from the largest fishing manufacturers in the world and Europe,
Fishing grounds – 7 locations providing a wide range of challenges,
Boats – sonar and finding the best places to catch prey,
Dynamic weather – appropriate setting and place depending on weather conditions,
Tournaments and multiplayer – live competitions and rankings – from novice to fishing champion.

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