Football Manager Handheld 2011 review

Do you feel like expert coaches?
Is football your passion?
Do you dream of leading your favorite team to success by winning everything there is to win?
Do you think you are much better than whoever leads the team of your favorites now?

Well, FMH2011 is the game you are looking for for your PSP!

Once a new game has been started, after having chosen all the appropriate settings (name, surname, team, championships, currency) we will be faced with a very intuitive game interface, with myriads of very complete submenus.
The first item on the left column takes us to the section relating to our team, where we can see, in addition to the squad and tactics (with the possibility of interacting with the players, putting them up for sale or loaning them, making appreciations or scolding them) , ranking and results, history and transfers, set the type of training for each individual player as well as know the reports on the players and the confidence of the management. Before each match you will receive reports on the next opponents from your assistant coach and it will be very important to arrange your team’s tactics accordingly to be able to achieve positive results (types of tackles, passing methods, mentality and tactics). The second menu concerns us as a manager, our history and our “options” (settings and saving), also guaranteeing us the possibility of making requests to the management which you will necessarily have to sip and use with care… you don’t want to end up unemployed, do you?)

Then we have the various menus that are certainly most used in this type of managerial games, i.e. those relating to the transfer market, with the possibility of searching for players manually by setting various search parameters (age, contract status, price, salary, role, etc.) or by sending around our observers for the world (if you focus your research on young people they will truly discover numerous promises at very affordable prices).
When young people are proposed to you by your observers they will be marked with stars, a line of five stars (full or empty depending on their ability) will indicate their current ability, another their future ability… Never look for anything among the young people who has less than four stars because it’s not worth it and you can always find better.

Each player for whom you make an offer will also automatically be included in a list where you can find him immediately in the (not so rare) event that the offer is rejected.
The last two items positioned further down in the homepage are related to the ranking of the best coaches and job possibilities in case you intend to move on or have been fired.
Before each match the menu relating to tactics and formation will automatically open, in case you have forgotten something.
During the game, however, the screen will be the classic one with written commentary and the game bar.
We will have the possibility, through the items in the left menu, to know the statistics of the match, the action zones on the pitch, the statistics of the home and away teams respectively, view the votes of the players on the pitch and the last result of the two teams and finally the ranking in real time.
We will be able to choose to follow the match with five speed modes (very slow, slow, medium, fast and very fast), enjoy a basic summary, broad or simply composed of the key actions and manage team tactics through the pressure of the square button if we were playing at home or circle if we were away.
The game is graphically well made, as far as graphics can be said for a title of this kind.
The menus, as already mentioned, are clear and intuitive, with very clear colors and combinations that are never tiring for the eyes.

The audio system is basically absent as it should be in a game like this since you would be too busy doing anything else to enjoy any soundtrack anyway.
If you are a football fan, you must have this game and play it, but if you are not a fan of the most loved sport in our beautiful country (and in a good part of the old continent), or of management games in general, you can and should easily look for other.

Football Manager 2024 is already available in early access

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