Former Sony CEO Joins Double Eleven Board of Advisors

Some time ago we informed you how Shahid Kamal Ahmad, previously strategic content director of Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe, had left the company to continue the path of independent development and start your own company.

Today he has decided to become member of the board of advisors from the popular development and distribution company Double Eleven, responsible for well-known titles such as Pixeljunk, Goat Simulator, Prison Architect and many others. The information was corroborated by the CEO of the companyMark South, who accompanied the news with a formal welcome for Ahmad.

These were the words of Mark South:

Shahid’s incredible details and background in the independent development and distribution space are overwhelmingly beneficial for Double Eleven; We are very pleased to welcome you to our board of advisors. Shahid’s role in promoting independent games as a whole to the general public is notable, so it is a great honor for us to have his guidance as Double Once continues to grow in the video game industry. Likewise, and More personally, he is one of the hardest working people I know and his character has shown me integrity and honesty throughout. I am proud and honored that we can work together.


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