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Fortnite fans can now play on iPhone and iPad with touch controls using GeForce NOW

Fortnite fans can now play on iPhone and iPad with touch controls using GeForce NOW

Fortnite fans now have a new way to play the battle royale game on their iPhone and iPad with touch controls after Nvidia GeForce NOW opened the game up for everyone. The move means players on Apple’s mobile platforms can play Fortnite in the cloud without needing to connect a controller.

Nvidia isn’t the first to do this, of course. Xbox has already gotten ahead of itself, but who doesn’t love a competitive spot? The new version of GeForce NOW can be played via a Safari web app as you’d expect, and like Microsoft’s offering, there’s no need to spend a dime, though you do need to create an Nvidia NOW account and link it. to his Epic. game account. .

Nvidia has already allowed some people to play Fortnite with touch controls, but this is the first time anyone has been allowed in. Previously, only those selected to be part of the company’s beta program could play without a controller.

Nvidia announced the new access via a press release, saying that the previous beta version saw more than 500,000 players stream more than four million sessions of the game.

The closed beta gave the GeForce NOW team a chance to test and learn, resulting in optimized on-screen touch controls and game menus, with intuitive gameplay. The end result is a tactile experience for gamers.

Although people can play for free, there are limits. Game sessions are limited to one hour, and those who want to play longer should upgrade to GeForce NOW Premium.

Curious to find out what else Nvidia has been working on to make Fortnite as fun as possible? Our friends at Android Central compared the old with the new and it’s fair to say that Fortnite on GeForce NOW is a winner, at least visually.

All of this is very important because, as we all know, Epic Games and Apple continue to argue over whether Fortnite should be allowed on the App Store. Epic Games bypassed the App Store’s in-app purchases, causing the game to be released entirely on Apple’s mobile platforms. And there are no signs that either company is backing down.

Of course, you don’t need it to play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad right now, but if you want to enhance your gaming experience, check out our list of the best game controllers for mobile gaming.

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