Free weekend with The Crew 2

If you haven’t played yet The Crew 2 in the PC version, this week you have a chance to do so.

The free weekend started today, September 27, 2018, at 9 am. The free ride will end on Sunday, September 30 at 9 p.m. The app is required to play The Crew 2 Uplay. Thanks to it, you will be able to install and run the Ubisoft game. During the game, the entire game world, as well as events and vehicles are available.

As usual with such events, yours Progress can continue after purchasing the game. On this occasion, Ubisoft reduced the production price by 45%.

It is worth emphasizing that The Crew 2 received a lot of new content and patch 1.1.0 yesterday.

The Crew 2 patch 1.1.0 changelog:


  • Tests
    • 10 new tests.
    • Test improvements, such as ghosting and broken completion issues.
  • Photos
    • A set of new offroad photos.
    • Some photos are difficult or impossible to take under certain circumstances.
  • Competition
    • 20 new professions (some of them require a certain level of fame):
      • 10 hovercraft competitions
        • “Gator Rush – Preliminary Competition – Hovercraft” (star)
        • “Gold Rush – Hovercraft” (star)
        • “Lake Michigan – Hovercraft” (star)
        • “Squadx Competition at Glacier Park – Hovercraft” (Icon 1)
        • “Tiger Tonic Competition at Glacier Park – Hovercraft” (icon 1)
        • “Lake Michigan at Night – Hovercraft” (Icon 1)
        • “Gator Rush – Main Event – ​​Hovercraft” (Icon 10)
        • “Marshlands – Hovercraft” (icon 10)
        • “Park Glacier – Hovercraft” (icon 10)
        • “Lake Michigan Endurfix Competition – Hovercraft” (icon 10)
      • 3 hypercar competitions
        • “Hollywood – Hypercar” (star)
        • “Bronx – Hypercar” (star)
        • “White Rock Hills – Hypercar” (Icon 1)
      • 3 touring car competitions
        • “Golden Hills – Everyzon Track – Touring Car” (popular)
        • “The Giants – Chaebung Cup – Touring Car” (famous)
        • “Jersey – Everyzon track – Touring Car” (star)
      • 3 jetsprint competitions
        • “Corona Maine – Jetsprint” (popular)
        • “Bagno – Jetsprint” (famous)
        • “Stormx Dakota Competition – Jetsprint” (star)
      • 1 Live Xtrem Series competition
        • “Live Xtrem Series – September Spectacular” (icon 10).
  • Competition improvements that address current level design issues such as floating elements, collision bugs, etc.
  • AI
    • Difficulty level as.
    • Improved AI behavior during hypercar competitions.
    • The difficulty level of some professions has been adjusted.
    • General improvements to AI behavior, both during competition and normal driving, including: better route finding and elimination of collision problems.
  • Loot
    • Legendary parts and set bonuses.
    • The loot could, under certain circumstances, end up underwater.
    • Adjusted loot chances for some professions.
  • Store
    • Ubisoft Club content does not appear in-game after claiming rewards during the current session.
    • Added Season Pass, Vehicle Bundles and Credit Packs to Far & Beyond Stores in Main Quarters.
  • World
    • Added “Live Battle: Coming Soon” (PvP) tent in HQs.
    • Level designs and problems with selecting a route for traffic.
  • Fast access
    • The player cannot use the quick access menu when a ghost appears on the player’s vehicle during water tests.
    • The collision camera activates after a specific quick access sequence during free driving.
    • Vehicle speed is not correct after using quick access.
    • Inverted on-the-fly controls when using quick access.
  • Exploits
    • The player can abuse the water and land jumping highlights with trains and boats.
    • The player can “protect” his fans by opening and closing the highlight information.
    • The point limit did not apply to loops and reverse loops.
    • The point limit did not apply to the Immelmann figure.
    • Crash Competition: Adjusted rewards and fixed checkpoint detection bug.


  • Textures
    • Missing or incorrect textures and animations.
  • Interface
    • Added odometer in the pause menu and on the vehicle dashboard.
    • Various interface improvements.
    • Added progress percentage for Xtrem Live Series family tickets.
  • Sounds
    • Improved behavior of gear shifting sounds when using automatic and semi-automatic transmissions.
    • Missing or incorrect effects and voices.
    • The radio channel is not saved when the player exits and restarts the game.
  • Location
    • Missing or incorrect location items.
  • Features: Photo/video editor
    • Share your game photos on The Crew Hub.
    • Missing or incorrect cameras, cuts and effects.

The Crew 2 celebrates its anniversary with a week of content and discounts

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