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Galaxy Note 20: the first leaks begin to arrive

Galaxy Note 20: the first leaks begin to arrive

The series Galaxy S20 has still been officially presented (it will be on 11 February) that the first news and rumors regarding the Galaxy Note 20.

The Note series is usually presented in August and put on the market starting from September. Despite therefore still missing a long time to launch, Ice Universe, has begun to offer news on the next device of the famous range equipped with the stylus.

Galaxy Note 20 should offer a more advanced implementation of the refresh rate of its display. In fact, if the S20 range will support the 120Hz refresh rate, limited however to resolutions up to Full HD, the Note 20 could go further and remove any resolution limitations.

The same OnePlus recently shared some details about its upcoming display technology, which includes 120Hz refresh rates with QHD resolution. The technology therefore allows you to go even further in refresh rates and the novelty of the Note 20 could just be represented by the possibility of offering the refresh at 120 Hz in the QHD resolution mode and without impacting on battery life.

Another probably more ambitious interpretation of “evolution” could concern the variable refresh rate, a technology that gamers have come to appreciate on PCs, but at the moment a rarity on smartphones and tablets.