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Galaxy Watch 4 finally feels like a proper Wear OS device

Galaxy Watch 4 finally feels like a proper Wear OS device

Google Assistant is finally available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which runs Google’s Wear OS 3 operating system.

The “Hey Google” voice command is, of course, in effect (Google will soon get rid of the “Hello” part, of course) and will also be accessible by holding down the Home button, though it will have to be assigned manually.

With Google’s Pixel Watch finally on the way, Samsung will be happy to have feature parity competing with local Google hardware. You can read our first thoughts on the upcoming contest in our Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 4 preview.

The voice assistant can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store starting today, well before the summer window they both outlined at I/O. If someone were to look out the window today, they’d know it’s definitely not daylight saving time, so kudos to Google!

Google Assistant has been a long time coming for the Wear OS device. Samsung originally promised that users would have a choice between Google Assistant and the local, unloved Bixby. However, the Galaxy Watch 4 was launched in August 2021, so the company took its time to make it available to users.

In May, Samsung’s Patrick Chomet said, “This summer, I’m delighted to share that Galaxy Watch4 users will be able to download Google Assistant to their device, with faster, more natural voice interactions, enabling quick responses on the go.” . .» . help.”

“We are also bringing enhanced functionality to our external partners. Soon our users will be able to control Spotify with the Google Assistant and switch songs on the fly using just their voice.

It doesn’t look like third-party controls are available yet, or soon, but we’ll keep you posted. Bixby is also sticking around to give Galaxy Watch 4 users a choice.

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