Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Ultimate Edition, PC review

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Ultimate Edition is the definitive edition of the Microids racing game and simulation, complete with all the contents of Gear.Club Unlimited 2which, at the time released on Nintendo Switch exclusively, therefore reaches players on PS and XB consoles and players on PC Steam.

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Ultimate Edition allows us to compete with an immense number of cars to buy, unlock and upgrade, and many exciting races to test yourself on. In fact, with over 250 races to choose from, along the intuitive map that will show us the races to be tackled (either free or with a specific category of cars) and where we can go to our workshop, where we can upgrade our vehicles or where we can decorate them with stickers and paints. The degree of personalization of the experience (as well as of the cars) as well as in the modality is high Careerwith championships, varied circuits, timed races, qualifications and like the Porsche Series.

    There career mode is the classic story mode, where we are the rookies who come to find ourselves in the right place at the right time: if the official drivers are missing, we will be almost forced to compete in their place, amazing the team that will then be pushed to let us continue and to improve. During this mode we will be the ones to upgrade and improve the workshop, to expand our car park and to modify and make improvements (not too complex and guided at the right point) on our vehicles in order to win races or place ourselves in order to progress in our climb. at the top of the charts.

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      From the point of view of the gameplay the experience, which varies in the most disparate circuits, is satisfying and fun, a good simulator that presents excellent details if you think about the numerous cars present in the game. The changes and improvements, as well as the conditions of the track are clearly perceptible, and enrich a high-profile and highly customizable videogame experience, at the same time, even from a purely graphic point of view, the relevance of impacts and clashes is lacking. and accidents. On a graphic level, in fact, the butt and the doors are underlined only by sparks, sometimes cloying.

      The graphic level it definitely stands out on the cars, very rich in details and with attention to even the smallest details, models that can also be appreciated in the various showrooms scattered on the map, really pleasant to wander around the dealerships for shopping, not before having tested the cars at 360 degrees and on the track. Circuit design averagewhich underlines how the work done on the cars is certainly the one on which developers and designers have focused most in this definitive version of Gear.Club Unlimited 2.

      The gaming experience in Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Ultimate Edition as a whole it guarantees several hours of fun at very high speeds, including, as mentioned, the Porsche Series and the Rally mode. All this contributes to making the game not only of a certain longevity, but also rich in content and never boring or repetitive. The sound sector is of a certain level, even if sometimes repetitive music could tire. Surely lovers of racing games will be able to appreciate the real spearhead of the game, the richness and detail of the cars available.

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