Get your first look at ‘Reco Love’ for PS Vita

It was recently announced that the Japanese developer Dingo I would be working with the same Photo Kano producer, Ichiro Sugiyama, to create a new PlayStation Vita-exclusive simulation game titled Reco Love. Today the retailer Amazon Japan shared a series of pages of products for Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach, allowing us to see the first images of the game.

While in previous titles of this style we have seen a theme focused on the possibility of take photos, this installment will have video capture as its main theme. We will establish a friendship with quite attractive girls and record them on our devices, to save them to MP4 files in the memory of our PlayStation Vita that can later be transferred to PC to share them on YouTube or Niconico in Japan.

You can enjoy the first images from the game below:


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