Get your first look at ‘Zero Time Dilemma’

The popular Famitsu magazine has published its latest installment in Japan and, as is customary every week, it is accompanied by an online format to complement the information. On this occasion we have a short online preview of Zero Time Dilemma; after being leaked yesterday.

In Zero Time Dilemma we will see nine men and women who want to escape from a nuclear shelter in which they ended up trapped. These nine characters are divided into three teams of three to explore three locations separated within the shelter.

To return to the surface they will need get six passwords, but each of them is revealed every time a person dies; Therefore only three people can leave, since six must die to get their passwords. The intrigue of this installment is to discover who is will sacrifice, if they will do it voluntarily or if there will be another way out. “The decision is the player’s.”

You can take a look at the first screenshots of the game next:


New images from ‘Zero Time Dilemma’

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