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Ghost of Tsushima has a date, we will see it on June 26, 2020 on PS4

Ghost of Tsushima has a date, we will see it on June 26, 2020 on PS4

After various vicissitudes, postponements, mysteries about the development phase and obviously a very high hype created, Ghost of Tsushima finally has a release date, to the delight of the many fans of video games and PlayStation exclusives. To communicate it through the official blog the same Sony.

Ghost of Tsushima will arrive on PS4 on June 26, 2020! It is really exciting to finally be able to announce the release date of our game, especially since there are only a few months left. We can’t wait to share the world we have created! “.

Also unveiled a new video trailer that, if needed, feeds even more the wait for one of the Most Wanted titles of this 2020:

“Today we unveiled a new trailer featuring our hero, Jin Sakai. In the past we have shown you the world around Jin, but this time we wanted to introduce you to the people he meets during his journey and the magnitude of the threat that forces him to transform into a new type of warrior. We’ll give you a look at Jin’s various allies and his enemies, but there are two in particular that we want to focus on. The first is Jin’s uncle, Shimura, the jito (lord) of Tsushima who is a father figure for the protagonist. He has been educating Jin since he was a child in samurai traditions, and is therefore increasingly concerned about the tactics Jin begins to adopt as he abandons his uncle’s teachings and becomes the Ghost. The second important character that we want to present to you today is Khotun Khan. The Khan is the leader of the Mongol invasion army and is a ruthless and cunning enemy who uses everything he knows about samurai to destroy them. He is a brutal and unstoppable opponent, and Jin immediately understands that he should not be underestimated ”.

Announced, already visible on the PlayStation store, all editions with available bonuses.