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Google insists on two-factor authentication

Google insists on two-factor authentication

In May, Google anticipated that two-factor authentication would soon replace the official identification tool passwords. Today Google reiterates the plan in an official blog post, aiming to reach 150 million users protected by the latter method.

In fact, two-factor authentication is a much more secure technique than passwords, but this doesn’t seem good to get into users’ heads: according to 2018 data, only 10% of people use it. To counter this phenomenon, Google intends to activate this security options by default for all users. Not only that, but as many as 2 million YouTubers have also been asked to use the feature in order to continue using their channel.

Another help from Google is automatic password management. The company now handles more than a billion passwords, all saved by the automatic password manager. In the future, the latter will also be able to generate security words, making the process even easier.

Finally, Google reiterated the importance of the Active Account Manager. This tool, used by very few, is able to help users manage their inactive accounts. After a certain period of absence, from three to eighteen months, Google will send you an email, which will ask you to confirm the actual inactivity. At this point you have two options: delete your data or send it to a contact for management.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Google did its part by reminding everyone to turn on two-factor authentication. In addition to the latter, many other companies are recently insisting on online security: among these there is Whatsapp, which increasingly takes care of users’ privacy.