Google Play Protect and its real-time scanning tool

On our devices we store all kinds of important information for us, photographs, videos, passwords, our accounts on different social networks and much more. Therefore, it is easy to understand that it would really be a problem if this information falls into the hands of ill-intentioned people. It is very important to have a tool that is responsible for protecting your device from these cyber attacks. Precisely Today we will be talking about Google Play Protect and its new real-time scanning tool.

This popular tool developed by the Google company is responsible for verifying and analyzing each of the applications that we have on our device. In addition to thatwith each update new functions and features are released that make it one of the favorites of users. It is therefore very important to know how to get the most out of it, since this can be very beneficial for you and the security of your data.

What is Google Play Protect?

This is an application that is installed by default on all devices with the Android operating system. It is responsible for thoroughly analyzing each application that is installed on your device., whether it comes from the Play Store or not (which has been the case for only a short time now). Thus detecting possible viruses, errors and malware contained in them. In this way, it protects your mobile device and the information contained therein from any threat.

What is Google Play Protect real-time scanning?

As we mentioned before, thanks to Google Play Protect, your mobile phone or tablet will be safe when downloading any type of application from the official Google app store, that is, the Play Store, as well as other application stores and websites. Although this was not the case some time ago, when users They only had protection if they downloaded their apps directly from the Play Store.

That is precisely what the real-time scanning function that Google Play Protect presents to us in its most recent update consists of. That is to say, will perform a scan of the application code, analyzing if there is any type of malware or malicious software that may affect the device on which it is being installed.

Immediately alerting the device owner of the risk that the app represents. That is, it analyzes the behavior of each of them among millions of applications. Its operation is fundamentally based on the use of AI and learning automatically.

Likewise, if you wish, with the new Google Play Protect update, you can manually analyze the applications you have installed on your device whenever you want. Without a doubt, this function gives us a safer experience when browsing and downloading applications on other sites and unofficial app stores.

How can you scan apps with Google Play Protect?

If something characterizes this tool, it is its simplicity and intuitiveness when using it, so it will not represent any problem for you. To do this you will only have to follow this simple sequence of steps which we list below:

  1. Firstly you must access the Settings app of your mobile device.
  2. Next look for the Security section, Remember that this may vary depending on the device you have and its manufacturer. Therefore, if you can’t find it, you just have to insert the words Google Play Protect in the search engine of the Settings application.
  3. Once there, you can start real-time scanning of apps with Google Play Protect.
  4. For this you must Press the Analyze option. Remember that this may also vary depending on the device.
  5. This process It can take from a few seconds to minutes. depending on the applications you have installed and the frequency with which you scan the device.
  6. When it is finished, you will be offered information about the existence or not of harmful applications for your mobile or tablet.

What benefits does scanning apps with this tool bring to your device?

Once you know roughly how Google Play Protect works, you can easily deduce some of the advantages that its use represents some of which are:

  • Provide a maximum protection for your devices as well as the information contained therein.
  • Generate a feeling of tranquility and security when downloading and using applications outside or inside the Play Store.
  • You do not need to perform these analyzes manually if you do not want to, since acts automatically.
  • Considerably improve the operation of your smartphone and tablet as well as its autonomy.

What can you do if Google Play Protect does not perform real-time app scans?

To ensure greater effectiveness of the tool, we recommend that you check if it has been updated to its latest version. If not, It may not have app scanning tools and may present errors and malfunction. generally.

Follow the steps below to update Google Play Protect:

  1. The first thing will be Go to the Settings app.
  2. Once there, you will have to access the Security section again, which, as we mentioned, may vary depending on your device.
  3. When you have accessed this, you should check if there is any update available for Google Play Protect.
  4. In that case, Press the Update option now and ready!
  5. You will only have to wait a few seconds for it to finish. Don’t worry if you’re using mobile data for this, as the updates are fairly light.

Do you need other tools to protect your mobile device?

One of the biggest drawbacks that users previously encountered when using Google Play Protect was that They could not verify if any application downloaded outside the Play Store posed a risk to their devices. But as we have already told you in this article, this new real-time scanning function came to solve all those problems. Therefore, other tools that In the past they were used for this purpose, they have now been displaced to the background. We refer, among others, to antivirus applications.

In the Play Store you can find countless antivirus apps. But at this time its installation and use can be totally counterproductive, since Being quite popular applications, they are attractive targets for cybercriminals to attack.. On many occasions all types of viruses and malware can be introduced into your device through this means.

We hope that in this article You have found all the information related to Google Play Protect and its new real-time scanning function. Let us know in the comments what you think about this Google functionality for Android phones and tablets. We read you.

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