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Google releases Android 13 Beta 2 as OnePlus, Xiaomi, vivo, Asus and more join the fun

Google releases Android 13 Beta 2 as OnePlus, Xiaomi, vivo, Asus and more join the fun

As you may know, Google I/O is upon us, and it’s been a busy day so far, with the company announcing the Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro, teasing the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Tablet, and update the core apps, like Maps and Translate, while recovering previously deleted apps, like Wallet.

And among all this, Google still found time to launch a new Android beta. We are talking about Android 13 Beta 2, which should be available to registered Pixels starting today. If you’d like to enroll your Pixel in the Android Beta program, just head over to this website where you’ll find a list of your eligible devices (if any).

Then it’s a one-click affair to sign up, and after that, you’ll get an update with the new beta in a few hours (or less). From then on, you’ll get all subsequent betas as over-the-air updates, plus the final version of Android 13 when it arrives in the fall.

The next beta, coming in June, will achieve what Google calls platform stability, meaning it will have the final Android 13 SDK and NDK APIs, as well as the final system behaviors against the Android 13 app. From there, it’s a bug fix race to the finish line!

Android 13 includes a new permission to send notifications, a privacy-protecting photo picker, improved permissions to pair with nearby devices and access media files, app-specific language settings, match app icons to colors of the theme, HDR video support, Bluetooth LE Audio, as well as MIDI 2.0 via USB. There’s also a host of tablet-friendly improvements and other nifty things, like automatic deletion of clipboard history after a short time and a media control that features album artwork.

In future releases, a new unified security and privacy settings page will provide a clear, color-coded indicator of your security status and offer suggestions on how to improve things.

Google announces that beta versions are available today not only for Pixels, but also for devices from Asus (for Zenfone 8), Lenovo (for Tab P12 Pro), Nokia (not yet available), OnePlus (for 10 Pro), Oppo and Realme (for Find X5 Pro and GT2 Pro), Sharp (for Aquos sense6), Tecno (for Camon 19 Pro 5G), vivo (for X80 Pro), Xiaomi (for 12, 12 Pro and Pad 5) and ZTE (for the Axon 40 Ultra).

However, keep in mind that each of these companies will handle their own registrations and support, and provide you with beta updates directly, so don’t call Google if something goes wrong.

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