Google uses Drake’s “Texts Go Green” to request iMessage RCS change again

Google’s Android team is again trying to convince Apple to adopt the RCS messaging standard and is using a Drake song to get their point across.

The company is channeling Canadian rapper Texts Go Green to lament the long-standing phenomenon when iPhone users exchange messages with their Android counterparts.

This wouldn’t be the case if both mobile operating systems ran on the same RCS standard, which Google says offers higher resolution for photos, support for larger file sizes, and many other benefits.

Drake’s song is actually about the phenomenon where one iPhone user prevents another from communicating with them through iMessage, so the messages are green instead of blue. However, that didn’t stop Google from highlighting the new song in an “explanatory lyric video” posted on Twitter.

“Android Texts’ song Go Green is a real hit, referencing the phenomenon when an iPhone user gets locked out or texts someone who doesn’t have an iPhone,” says a voiceover. Either way, it’s pretty tough. I wish a team of super talented Apple engineers could solve this problem. Because it is a problem that only Apple can solve. They just have to adopt RCS, really. It would also make texting more secure. I’m just saying a good hint though.

Google’s sarcastic video is the company’s latest attempt to get Apple to adopt RCS messaging this year, with the company even going so far as to call it “harassment.”

Android executive Hiroshi Lockheimer said in January: “Apple’s iMessage lockdown is a documented strategy. Using peer pressure and intimidation as a way to sell products is dishonest for a company that puts humanity and fairness at the center of its marketing. Today there are standards to solve this problem.

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