Green Hell’s production and marketing costs were recouped after six weeks

Creepy Jar, the publisher and producer of the Green Hell game, announced that its production and marketing costs were recouped within six weeks. The Polish survival game, set in the Amazon jungle, debuted on August 29 in the Early Access phase on the Steam platform and was very warmly received by players. From the very beginning, the game hit the top of bestsellers and has been there for the seventh week. The game has already been rated by over 1,400 players, and the average rating is nearly 8.5.

Jakub, in his early access review of Green Hell, emphasized that the game has huge potential, but still requires minor improvements.

The game prepared by Creepy Jar is a difficult and demanding title, but it can be addictive. The pleasure comes primarily from discovering the world and its mechanics. There is potential and I have no doubt about it. Now we need to polish and make the game more attractive and a bit more player-friendly.

The production costs of Green Hell and its promotion amounted to PLN 3.5 million, and currently the title has already been purchased 93,000 times. Before the premiere, the creators assumed that sales would reach 300,000. copies within the first year will fully satisfy them. The goal seems very realistic.

By next spring, Creepy Jar plans to release as many as 6 major updates to Green Hell. The first one is available from today. It introduces new animal species and significantly expands the building possibilities.

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