Hideo Kojima confirms that he will not do anything similar to PT

Hideo Kojima is known in the video game industry for having been the father of the Metal Gear video game series, whose latest installment for the current generation of platforms does not cease to be receive awards and nominations in the different awards for best adventure game, shooting game and even best game of the year.

However, Hideo Kojima not only has he participated in the Metal Gear series. For a few years now there has been news regarding the future of the PT project canceled by Konami, which was aimed at becoming in the next delivery from Silent Hills.

Now that Kojima has formed his own studiomany fans hope to see a new horror project that follows the lines of what could have been the full PT title Unfortunately, in a recent interview With the media Polygon, the Japanese creative confirmed that although he is interested in exploring the genre in the future, currently PT will not happen and a similar project It’s not a possibility.

These were the words of Hideo Kojima:

With PT we manage to understand many things. I don’t think Silent Hills will ever exist. In the future I would love to explore horror, and I am not referring to the horror genre itself, but to the sensation of terror as a theme and this is a point closely linked to the interaction with fear, something that I am interested in exploring in the future. After PT was released, development began and similar games were released. Personally I don’t want to do something with the same tone, I prefer to do something with a different perspective.


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