‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ delayed until 2017

Dealing with rumors can be a dangerous topic in the world of video games, especially if we have to give bad news. However, this time the topic may be of interest to many of you.

As stated the popular insider Shinobi602 through its official Twitter account, the popular Sony studio, Guerrilla Games, plans to delay its current project Horizon: Zero Dawn until early 2017 to improve its performance. So much so that Shinobi hopes that the title “looks splendid on PS4K”, the rumored PlayStation 4 revision that could arrive with updated hardware later this year, something that would match the dates in which the launch of Horizon is rumored.

Shinobi has a lot of reputation in the video game rumors section, since it has correct on many occasions with rumors about major titles like Call of Duty and Uncharted. In fact, he was the one who first spoke about the themes of Horizon: Zero Dawn even before it was leaked the first design of the game, so we can assume that he has one foot within the industry. However, we cannot confirm anything until we have an official announcement from Sony.

You can check it in the tweet below:

Well…Horizon: Zero Dawn’s getting delayed to early 2017 from what I’m told.

Going to look splendid on PS4k though.

— shinobi602 (@shinobi602) April 20, 2016


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