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  5. How ARISE is improving the lives of TCS’s black employees | Labor and internship advice, companies to work for and more

How ARISE is improving the lives of TCS’s black employees | Labor and internship advice, companies to work for and more

How ARISE is improving the lives of TCS’s black employees | Labor and internship advice, companies to work for and more

When you join a community, you want to know that you’ll get more out of it than a koozie and a drawstring bag. Depending on who you are, you can join a community to make new friends, learn a new skill, discuss a certain topic, or support a certain cause. But when you join the ARISE community at TaTa Consultancy Services, you can expect to do all of the above.

The TaTa Consultancy Services (TCS) ARISE Community is a resource group for African-American employees whose members work, socialize, interact and grow with each other at different levels. To get a better overview of ARISE and all the benefits associated with membership, we interviewed some members of the group and even hosted a virtual event alongside members where prospects were invited to learn more about the community. .

After the virtual event and all the interviews, one thing that was repeatedly emphasized within the community was the sense of family ARISE members felt. Interestingly, we found that this sense of family leads to all sorts of other member benefits, like an easier onboarding process for new hires, a stronger sense of community and belonging, and a thriving resource system for members to join. grow up

Table of Contents:

An easier and warmer welcome

Joining a new company is never easy, especially if it’s your first job after college. Add to that being a minority and your path becomes even more complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a group of people with similar backgrounds to you that you could lean on and ask questions? People who have gone through obstacles and experiences similar to yours?

Well, that’s exactly what ARISE offers, and exactly why TCS introduces it to new recruits early on.

While TCS ensures that every new hire has the necessary resources for a smooth and simple onboarding process, the ARISE community provides additional leverage for these new hires to trust. Also, sometimes it’s best to have specific questions and requests answered by the same people who may have experienced those specific scenarios.

A stronger sense of belonging

In high school, we had sports clubs, Greek organizations, college groups, and a plethora of other ways to help us feel welcome and like we belong. In the professional world, employee resource groups have taken on the role of those collegiate communities that employees can use to feel more like they belong to the company they work for.

In our conversations with members of the ARISE Group at TCS, each employee repeated a phrase over and over again: “it’s like family.” They talked about how incredibly natural and close their relationship was with each other. As if they had known each other all their lives.

Here’s what Adele Ruffin had to say about her expectations coming into the business and how they were happily met.

When you know you belong somewhere, like home, it’s so much easier to be successful and be your best self. But when the same group that gives you that sense of belonging also has a resource system deliberately designed to help you grow, your ability to achieve greatness triples or even doubles.

Resources to help you grow

Now that ARISE has helped you integrate into the company and has allowed you to establish a sense of belonging and friendship with your colleagues, it is time for the community to help you grow professionally.

One of the most valuable aspects of your involvement with ARISE is the access you have to other employees you might not normally encounter in your typical day-to-day life within the company. These colleagues may be from different departments with whom you can discuss new opportunities or they may be superiors or executives whom you have the opportunity to impress.

This open environment is perhaps one of the main growth factors within a company. You can’t get much from reading a job description. When you can actually meet someone who is responsible for a particular role, have lunch with them, be mentored by them, or just introduce yourself, it increases both your understanding of that role and your chances of fulfilling it one day.

Whatever your career path, building meaningful relationships in a group like ARISE will help proliferate your professional life in one way or another.

Outside inside

As an interviewer for ComoHow covering deep diving on the ARISE show, I did not come out of my interaction with the group unscathed. After spending hours chatting with members like Jamar, Brianna, Bridget, and Joe, cracking jokes, talking about what makes them and the band tick, and understanding them not just as individuals but as a community, it really made me see the big picture.

In its simplest form, ARISE was created to help African Americans win at TCS. The beautiful cycle that takes place in ARISE begins when someone takes full advantage of the program, uses all the resources at their disposal to further their personal and professional life, and then passes it on to the next new member.

Will you be the next new member to enjoy the benefits of this amazing program? Explore current openings at TCS and begin the cycle to greatness!

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