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How the rise of smartphones has affected our lives

How the rise of smartphones has affected our lives

Modern technology is a wonderful thing that seems to take over so many different aspects of daily life. With the huge number of people using their cell phones on a daily basis, it becomes evident that people are addicted to them nowadays. Here’s a look at how the “humble” phone has forever influenced modern life.

Everyone has a phone nowadays

As of April 2019, more than 79.48 million people had a telephone contract, a number which surprisingly enough exceeds the number of inhabitants who actually live in the country by almost 20 million. This is puzzling in itself, but it also makes it possible for people to have multiple phone contracts, not to mention the many businesses that have their own phone contracts. With so many people having their own phone number, it is clear that phones play an important role in life.

The rise of apps

Part of this extensive and constant use comes from the abundance of applications that you are able to download to your phone. With apps ranging from banking, gaming, to shopping, and even apps that track a child’s progress in school, there is an app for everything. With so many people having access to these applications nowadays, it is clear that the use of phones and technology on the go is becoming more and more popular. No wonder it went this way, because being able to access much of your life at the push of a button is of paramount importance, as well as being very beneficial.

Another reason apps have become so popular with cellphone users is that their abundance and variety allows people to customize the experience they get from their phones. There are apps to create music and videos for artistic personalities, apps for sports news and live scores for those who love sports, health monitors, fitness trackers for those who are more active, and various games such as online ****** vudivincere.it.

We spend centuries on phones

It would have been unthinkable years ago, but thanks to smartphones, everyone’s life has become easier. The average person spends around 3 hours and fifteen minutes on the phone every day. Whether it’s texting, emailing, or just for a bit of play, it’s still a big chunk of the day. There are many hours in a day, and about a sixth of the day is spent repeatedly looking at a small screen. This is pretty scary when you think about it, but with people making so much use of their phones, it makes sense for companies to start taking advantage of this. In fact, the amount of time we spend on our phones has been artificially extended by the slow growth of advertisements and commercials. Videos now have ads before they play, and sponsored posts appear on our social media news feeds. Having to wait for these advertisements to finish before getting to the content we want to view has somehow made the use of our mobile a little less convenient; however, it is clear that they are not destined to disappear anytime soon.

Our cell phones are arguably the most important technological product we can own and that has forever changed the way we live. It is always a good idea to reflect on the impact of this device and to think about how it can further alter the way we live life.