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How to buy a Rolls-Royce Ghost

How to buy a Rolls-Royce Ghost

Choosing the right luxury sedan can keep you awake at night. You don’t have to worry about making a bad decision because we are here to show you how to buy a Rolls-Royce Ghost. While each Ghost can be custom built, the brand now offers six starting points. What these cars represent are the most popular colors inside and out. Start your journey by choosing between:

With that out of the way, exterior customizations range from a dozen optional wheels with multiple paint schemes for each. The spirit of ecstasy can be gold or silver, and the waterfall grid can be backlit. Perhaps the most controversial details are the stripes. Available in all colors, they can include a unique monogram for the driver and passenger. The most expensive exterior option on the Rolls-Royce Ghost would be a two-tone sample paint. This not only involves multiple samples, and an artist from the house of Rolls-Royce must also consider the daylight color temperature of the new car house.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Zenith interior

Inside, your options start with three interiors. Horizon is the normal three-seat rear bench. Signature replaces the center seat with a center console, and Atmospheric is open to your imagination. Massage seats and three-tone leather top the list. The most expensive options here are the shooting star headliner, rear cooler, and custom back tables.

A good rule of thumb is more wood. Choosing the right type of wood is essential, as is its range. Open-pored wood is locked in a battle with leather for supremacy. Both are durable, but not choosing wood allows 20 tinted skins to decorate your car. What to look for are signs of wear on long-pile carpets or scratches from a jeweled hand against brushed metal handles and *****. Even more important is searching. The shooting star ornament can be ordered with the constellations visible from any date. The days of weddings, birthdays or corporate achievements are the most popular options.

Sky is not the limit!

Personalization is such an important part of any new Rolls-Royce Ghost for sale that it can work to your advantage too. Used cars with such details are inherently harder to sell, so you can save a few bucks and have them picked up later. With millions of possible combinations, our dealers are ready to find the Ghost you’ve been waiting for:

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