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How to cancel an Amazon order

How to cancel an Amazon order

Did you accidentally order too many socks from Amazon or have buyer’s regret after spending too much before payday? This is the easiest way to cancel an Amazon order.

Knowing how to cancel an Amazon order can be very important. Whether you sent it to the wrong address or changed your mind about what to order, it’s fortunately not that hard to reverse the transaction entirely.

Read on to find out how you can easily cancel your Amazon order with just a few simple steps.

Table of Contents:

what we use

the short version

  • To walk

    Open Amazon

    Open the Amazon website on your computer. You can also do this on a phone or tablet, though you’ll need the Amazon Shopping app to do so.

  • To walk

    Hover over the Accounts & Lists button

    Hover over the Accounts & Lists button on the home page. It’s in the top section of the menu and is on the far right. You must also indicate the name of the person who owns the Amazon account.

  • To walk

    Click on Your orders

    In the dropdown menu that appears, click the button that says Your Orders.

  • To walk

    Find the item you want to cancel

    Among the orders on the Your Orders page, find the item you want to cancel.

  • To walk

    Click the Cancel Items button

    Once you find the item you want to cancel, click the button that says Cancel Items. It’s gray and will sit on the far right of the item box.

  • To walk

    Click the reason for cancellation box

    The blue price box on the right hand side of the box should already be selected, however if you wish to cancel a larger order containing multiple items make sure you only select the boxes you wish to cancel otherwise this will void your entire order . .
    Click the undo box on the far left of the screen.

  • To walk

    Choose the reason you want to cancel

    Choose the reason why you want to cancel your order. This is optional, which means you can skip this step if you don’t want to reveal the reason for canceling your order.

  • To walk

    Click the button Cancel selected item in this order

    Once you have chosen the reason for canceling your order and have checked the blue price button, click on the yellow button that says Cancel the selected item in this order.

  • To walk

    Check if your order has been canceled

    Once you click the Cancel Item button, you will be redirected to a new page confirming that your order has been successfully cancelled. You should also check the email associated with the Amazon account to confirm that it has been canceled and to check when a refund will arrive, provided it has already been charged.

  • frequent questions

    How long does it take to get a refund for a canceled Amazon order?

    If you’ve already been charged for your order, Amazon says your refund will be delivered within five to seven business days.

    Can I cancel an Amazon order that has already been shipped?

    Yes, you can request that the item be canceled and returned to the original sender. If that doesn’t work, you can return the item directly to your home.

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