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How to cancel apple music

How to cancel apple music

Want to switch from Apple Music to a competing service like Spotify or Tidal, but not sure how to close your account? This is the easiest way to cancel Apple Music.

You have a number of options when it comes to music streaming apps, with services like Spotify, Deezer, and of course Apple Music. The service launched in 2015 and now ranks second behind Spotify as the most popular music streaming service, with 50 million songs in its catalogue.

However, even with great sound quality and a plethora of songs, you may decide to dig into one of Spotify’s exclusive podcasts or check out what Deezer has to offer, which means you’ll have to cancel your Apple Music subscription. .

Read on to find out the easiest way to cancel your Apple Music subscription.

Table of Contents:

what we use

the short version

  • Step

    Open Settings on your iPhone

    Open your iPhone and click on the Settings app

  • Step

    Click on your Apple ID

    Once in Settings, click on your Apple ID. It will be at the top of the application and should have your name and photo.

  • Step

    Click Subscriptions

    Tap Subscriptions when you’re signed in to your Apple ID.

  • Step

    Click Apple Music

    Once on your Subscriptions page, click on the Apple Music option.

  • Step

    before canceling

    Click the red button that says Cancel. Since we were using a free trial, our option says Cancel Free Trial, although it’s the same process for anyone who doesn’t use the trial and pays for their membership.

  • Step

    Press Confirm

    A small popup will appear asking if you are sure you want to cancel your subscription. Click the Cancel button to confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription.

  • Repair

    Are there free trials for Apple Music?

    Yes, new Apple Music subscribers will get six months of Apple Music for free when they purchase a compatible audio device. There are also several small offers that you can find on the Apple website.

    Does Apple support lossless audio?

    Yes, Apple has developed its own lossless audio compression technology called Apple Lossless Codec (ALAC) which should provide better audio quality than what is available on platforms like Spotify.

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