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How to delete a Yahoo account

How to delete a Yahoo account

Want to delete your unused Yahoo account but not sure how? This is how you can delete your Yahoo account in a few simple steps.

In the mid-2000s, it was like the whole world was using Yahoo. With its own news site, email service, and of course Yahoo Answers, there was nothing you couldn’t find using the web service provider.

However, since the sad death of Yahoo Answers and the massive competition that has grown over the years, you may feel like leaving your Yahoo account.

Fortunately, deleting your Yahoo account is very simple and can be done in just a few steps. Read on to find out the easiest way to delete your Yahoo account.

Table of Contents:

what we use

the short version

  • To walk

    Visit the Yahoo termination page

    Using the link above, visit Yahoo’s termination page. Depending on whether or not you’re already signed in, you may need to sign in to the Yahoo account you want to delete.

  • To walk

    Scroll down the page. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know what will happen when you delete your account.

  • To walk

    Click Continue deleting my account

    Once you have read the terms and conditions, press the button that says Continue to delete my account.

  • To walk

    Enter your Yahoo email

    Enter the Yahoo email you want to delete in the box.

  • To walk

    Click Yes, cancel this account

    Once you’re happy with your decision to delete your Yahoo account, click the button that says Yes, cancel this account. We recommend that you browse your account and save or download any content you wish to save, as it will not be accessible once your account is deleted.

  • To walk

    Press Got it

    Click I understand to complete the process.

  • Repair

    Can I remove my Yahoo account from my email?

    No, you cannot remove your Yahoo account from your Yahoo email account. To delete your Yahoo account, you will need to follow the link on the termination page above. You’ll need to sign in to your account on the checkout page, so you’ll need your email and password to hand.

    Can I access my account after deletion?

    No, you won’t be able to access your emails or account once you delete them, so we recommend that you back up any content or emails you want to keep before you delete your Yahoo account.

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