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How to Grill Corn (Three Ways!)

How to Grill Corn (Three Ways!)

Move over, burgers, dogs, and other grilling foods—put some shiny, golden ears on those grills. Our three favorite ways to grill corn!

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YES, it’s in the air, grilling season is upon us! All those delicious eddies and food aromas fill our warm blue skies. Here for it! Yet.

But move (literally) with the burgers, dogs, and other grills—let’s put some shiny, golden ears on those grills. If you haven’t yet experienced the luscious taste experience of grilling your own fresh summer sweet corn, well, YOU ARE IN FOR A DELIGHT. Here are tons of methods, tips, and tricks for cooking corn!

Table of Contents:

In this article: Everything you need to grill corn

Ways to grill corn

Other tips and tricks

First, let’s define a few things

Cob, pod, silk, what? Before we do the magic, let’s talk about what each of these elements means.

Clever? Let’s go!

Method 1: Grill the Corn in the Husk

how to get there

  • Gently fold the shell of your ears (but do not remove it) and remove as much of the silk as possible. Carefully bend the pods after removing the silk to create your cute little steam tent. Soak the corn if you decide to do so.
  • Preheat your grill to medium-high heat (about 375-450 degrees F).
  • Place corn with folded husks directly on racks and grill for about 20 to 22 minutes, turning to ensure even browning around husk.
  • The corn is done when the kernels are soft and bright golden yellow and there are little bits of arctic char that seep through the fins of the husk. Hmm!
  • Once cool enough, serve the corn by removing the husk and using it as a handle OR removing it entirely. Optional little pokey corn holders.
  • Why this method is amazing: It’s fairly easy to prepare, and it’s the perfect combination of moist beans from the steam from the husk and the charred flavor from direct contact with the grill.

    Method 2: Grill Corn in Aluminum Foil

    This method is super easy, convenient, and will definitely produce the most moist corn than any other method. That said, you lose some of that perfect charcoal smoked flavor because the corn never touches direct heat. It also takes a bit longer on the prep side.

    how to get there

  • Completely remove the husks and silks from the corn. Completely wrap the cobs in heavy-duty aluminum foil (you can slip some butter/olive oil and any other seasonings in there if you like!).
  • Preheat your grill to medium-high heat (about 375-450 degrees F).
  • Place corn husks directly on racks. Grill for about 15 minutes, turning occasionally.
  • Corn is ready when the kernels are tender and bright golden yellow.
  • Why this method is awesome: The corn will stay warm longer because you can leave it in the foil until you’re ready to serve. Ideal if you are serving a large group!

    Method 3: Grill Corn on the Racks

    Of course, this will give you the most grilled flavors because, you’re slapping those peeled cobs right on the grates! This method will dry out the corn a bit more than the other two methods, but the smoky, caramelized, sweet flavor CANNOT BE BEATED.

    how to get there

  • Completely remove the hulls and silks from the corn (don’t worry, the leftover silk will burn).
  • Preheat your grill to medium-high heat (about 375-450 degrees F).
  • Place the cobs directly on the racks and grill for about 10 minutes, turning occasionally so they cook evenly.
  • The corn is done when the kernels are bright golden yellow and evenly charred on all sides.
  • Why this method is amazing: The corn cooks faster than other methods and the flavor of the smoked charcoal is out of this world.

    How to cut corn off the cob

    Maybe you don’t like munching on corn on the cob or maybe you remember that fresh grilled corn can be an absolutely amazing addition to salads, sauces, pastas, etc. so you want to get that grits from the PI. Here we are:

  • Grill the corn using your favorite method.
  • Place grilled corn upright on a plate or bowl, larger flat side down. BONUS TIP: Stick the corn in the center of a tube pan to keep it stable, and all the kernels will fall into it.
  • Take a sharp knife and stick it into the base of the kernels as best you can and run it up the sides of the cob. Some of them fly away longing to be free, but most of these golden brown beauties will gather in your bowl or tube tray, ready to serve.
  • How to choose the best corn for grilling

    It’s always best to grab the freshest corn possible. As soon as the corn is pulled from the stalk, these natural sugars begin to break down into starches. So the dream of dreams would be to grab it at the farmers market or farm stand and then roast it that night. But… it’s not everyone’s life.

    Here are some tips for buying the freshest corn:

    Favorite things to make easy and delicious grilled corn

    All you really need for this is a grill and some corn (and maybe a frozen cocktail while you’re at it?), but if you really want to up the experience, there are a few things we like to use. .

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    Ways to Serve Grilled Corn (flavor ideas!)

    The best roasted corn recipes

    Aside from buttering and salting the cob, or maybe fresh lime juice and salty cotija cheese, here are some of our favorite recipes, including this sweet, sweet corn!

    What is your favorite way to grill corn? What are we missing?

    Summer, friends!

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