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How to know whose phone number is calling me?

How to know whose phone number is calling me?

With the large amount of phone calls unknown that exist, it is important to know who calls. If the call does not come from someone who knowncould be a swindler pretending to be a stranger on the phone, waiting for answer. If this happens and they get your bank or credit card details like this, it will be a real problem.

If you decide to answer a unknown calleryou don’t know who you’re going to talk to, you could be talking to your best friend from college, or you could be talking to someone you know. take advantage of of your ignorance about the operation of mobile phones.

Therefore, if you are not sure who is calling, it is preferable to find out a little about who is the telephone number they are using, for this you can choose to use sonline services that allow knowing to whom such a telephone number belongs, such as the Alerta-Estafa.com website, or opt for the second option of do not answerthis being a fairly simple tip and virtually guarantees that no one will take advantage of you over the phone.

Because the number is most likely to be a swindler, here are some ways to avoid being harmed through the telephone line.

How to know the phone number that calls me

Ways to find out whose phone number is calling me:

one. If the number of the person calling you appears, then you can make a reverse lookup online to find out who owns the number. For this you will need the number of exact phone.

two. If you know the prefix and the PBX, you can Google them both separately and together to find out different things about that person. For example, if you wanted to know what city and state someone is in, you would search for “area code” and then “area code and city.” Then you could see what city they are in and what part of the state they are in.

3. If you have an iPhone and have set up your contacts for your call list to show Names instead of just phone numbers, then when someone calls your phone, their name will also appear on the screen.

Other ways to handle unknown calls

You can also choose one of these alternative ways to find out whose number is phone that calls you:

one. Look at identifier of calls from your phone, some phones have this feature, but most don’t.

two. Ask the person who called you and hang up after they answer. If it’s a scammer, they won’t try to call back because they’ve already gotten what they wanted from you: an answer.

3. Search in Google the number that called you. This works even if you don’t have caller ID on your phone, or if the number is blocked. You can also simply search “Caller ID” as a shortcut, since that function usually appears first in the results.

Four. If you get a call from someone whose tone seems too pushy and commercial, hanging. And if they ask you personal informationsuch as your date of birth, your Social Security number, or your bank account information, don’t give it to him. In fact, even if they are very kind Y educated When asking for this type of information, do not give it, it is someone trying to obtain your financial information.

We hope that this article about How to know whose phone number is calling me? useful if you receive a call from an unknown phone number and you’re not sure if it’s a scam; because prevention is better than cure.