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How to play the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo

How to play the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise was a huge success when it released in early 2021, providing new monsters and battle locations. Fortunately, the upcoming Sunbreak expansion is a paid DLC that brings a lot of additional content for players, such as additional locations and monsters. . Players can try out this new content now that the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo is available. Whether you’re waiting for those extra monsters and locations or are hesitant to get them, playing the demo should help. Here’s how to play it on Switch.

Table of Contents:

How to Download the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion Demo

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC brings additional monsters, locations, and a new hub to the game. In the demo, players can form teams of four, fight the flagship monster, and replay the demo missions as often as they like.

  • From the Switch main menu, tap the Nintendo eShop icon.
  • Scroll down to Browser/Search.

    Source: HowHow

  • Type Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and select OK.
  • Click on the game.

    Source: HowHow

  • Tap Download demo.
  • Select OK.

    Source: HowHow

  • Press the Home button, located on the right side of your Switch or controller to return to the main menu.

    Source: Rebecca Spear / ComoHow

  • Once the demo download is complete, you will be able to access it. There are tutorials for people who are rusty or haven’t played the original game. Additionally, players can team up in groups of four to take on monsters and can play missions over and over again.

    Requirements to access Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in the full game

    During the Capcom Showcase, it was revealed that there are two things players need to do to access the Sunbreak DLC from within the full game. First, they must have completed the 7 Star Hub quest “The Serpent Goddess of Thunder” and must have at least 13 GB of free space to make room for the expansion. You may want to upgrade your microSD card if you don’t have enough space. The full Sunbreak expansion will be released on June 30, 2022 with the base option on sale for $40.

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