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How to record a phone call on an iPhone

How to record a phone call on an iPhone

Being able to record a phone call on your iPhone can be an incredibly useful thing to do, especially if you’re a journalist or someone who has to conduct regular interviews as part of your job.

However, Apple does not offer such functionality through iOS by default, nor does it give third parties direct access to the built-in microphone or phone app. Given his tough stance on privacy, perhaps that’s understandable.

Assuming this is legal in your territory and subject to the recommended condition that you have obtained the consent of the other party, there is a limited workaround for this.

what we use

the short version

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    Check your carrier and download a three-way calling app

    There are third-party apps on the App Store that set up a third line for any individual call and then use that line to record calls. However, you will need to verify that your network operator, as well as your specific calling plan, supports this feature.

    Keep in mind that the app itself will probably cost you a subscription fee. We use TapeACall for the purposes of this guide, but other apps include Call Recorder Pro and ACR Call Recorder, among others.

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    Set up your three-way calling app

    Assuming all of that is so, download and sign in to the app in question. In the case of TapeACall, this will require entering your phone number, choosing a local “second line” number for registration purposes, and granting access to your contacts (the app will create a new contact for the second number listed above).

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    Step 3: Record calls using your three-way calling app

    When you receive an incoming call, answer it as usual. Now exit the home screen by swiping or pressing the home button on your iPhone. Your call will continue in the background.

    Open the recording app and tap the Record button and any other buttons required by the app. TapeACall requires you to press an additional call access number button to activate that secondary line for a conference call, for example.

    Now tap on the call merge button on the phone call screen. Your call should now be recorded.

    Recording outgoing calls is usually a bit easier. In TapeACall, you need to open the app and tap to start a recording before making your call through the Phone app as usual.

  • frequent questions

    Why doesn’t the call merge button appear?

    the network or calling plan does not support three-way calling. Contact your carrier for advice on this.

    What should I do if this method does not work?

    Not everyone can use this method. In a pinch, there’s always the brute force method of putting your call on speaker (Audio > Speaker) and using a second phone with a basic recording app (like Memos, Apple’s default voicemail) to record audio.