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How to Record Screen on iPad

How to Record Screen on iPad

Screen recording on your iPad can be a great way to capture, catalog and illustrate a point of interest. It’s also a great way to troubleshoot when you run into a problem.

Fortunately, Apple has made it extremely easy to record your screen on iPad. Integrates directly into iOS.

So here is how to record screen on iPad.

Table of Contents:

what we use

the short version

  • Stage

    Add screen recording to Control Center

    Head to the Settings app and select Control Center. Scroll down until you see Screen Recording, then tap the little green “+” symbol.

  • Stage

    open control center

    Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPad screen to open Control Center. You will see that a registry change has been added to the bottom line.

  • Stage

    Press Save

    Tap the Record button in the control center and you will see a 3 second countdown. Take this opportunity to go out and set up whatever you want to record. You will see a red recording icon appear in the upper right corner to indicate that it is recording.

  • Stage

    stop recording

    Open Control Center and tap the Record button again, or tap the Record icon in the top right corner, then tap Stop when prompted.

  • Stage

    Includes sounds within you

    To include sounds in your screen recording, pull down the screen from Control Center, then press and hold the Screen Recording button. Now tap the Microphone button to turn on your iPad’s microphone, followed by Start Recording to start the three-second countdown and navigate to the section you want to record.

  • frequent questions

    What is the red icon at the top right of the screen?

    The red icon indicates that your screen is recording. It’s also a shortcut to stop your recording, so just tap on it when you’re ready to finish.

    Where can I find my screen recordings?

    All screen recordings will be saved to the Photos app, where they can be viewed, edited, and shared just like any other video you capture on your iPad.

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