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How to remove screen locks from Android devices

How to remove screen locks from Android devices

It often happens to have an urgency to remove the lock on a smartphone screenbut for one reason or another it is not possible to conclude the procedure.

The presence of one screen lock impossible to disable effectively makes the device unusable, with the further consequence that all the data inside it risks being lost.

Of course, the reasons that lead to having to unlock the phone without knowing the PIN can be the most varied: it often happens that the password was set unintentionally from a child, more frequently it happens instead of unable to remember the unlock codeother times it is instead unable to enter the PIN manuallyespecially in cases where there is a small problem with the touch or if there is a screen that is damaged.

In some cases it may also happen that you have to restore a device on which it has been entered the wrong code for some attempt too much or to have to unlock a second-hand smartphone where there is an unknown PIN or pattern.

Other times, however, we do forget about the unlock combinationan event not at all rare in those cases in which it is necessary to take back an old smartphone put aside after a long period of inactivity.

In all these cases, to find out how to unlock a phone without knowing the password you can rely on Dr.fone – Unlock Screenthe Android Lock Screen Removal created by Wondershare to easily bypass the device display lock.

Android devices: the types of screen unlock supported by dr.fone

Dr.fone supports different types of Unlocking among those most commonly used by mobile devices.

In fact, it allows you to bypass the screen lock using a PIN code, either with four or six digits, to eliminate any patterned screen locks and to overcome the classic access restrictions due to the presence of fingerprint lock.

The whole, without requiring skill o previous computer knowledge: simply follow the intuitive procedure on a computer proposed by the dr.fone tool.

How to remove the screen lock from Android via pc

The path that allows you to remove the screen lock from devices via the Wondershare dr.fone platform is user friendly and only takes a few minutes. First you have to launch the program on your own Windows or Mac computerthen connect the Android device with the screen lock to be removed via USB cable and start the procedure by clicking on the confirm button Start.

From the main menu on the Wondershare Dr.Fone platform you must select the module Unlock Screenfrom where you have access to a new window which, as you can see from the image below, allows you to choose the operating system of the smartphone being blocked between Android and iOs.

After selecting Android, the procedure requires you to enter the device model and brandsince the package needed for recovery is generally different from device to device.

Of course, through Wondershare dr.fone it is possible to quickly unlock the screen of many devices among the most common brands currently in circulation. Between these Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola, Samsung And LGwith the advantage, for these last two device categories, of bypassing the block without losing any data.

For example, Wondershare dr.fone allows you to understand how to unlock a samsung without knowing the password in a simple and fast way, through a process extremely intuitive: after performing the first part of the procedure for Android devices and selecting the smartphone model from the drop-down menu on the platform, just download the recovery package on your device and follow the steps required to unlock.

In addition, as you can also see from the image below, after selecting the Unlock Screen option from the main menu, the Wondershare Dr.Fone platform also allows you to easily bypass the function Factory Reset Protection (FRP) introduced by Google.

This is an account verification which, once activated, protects the content of Android smartphones in case of theft but which, if forget your account password, has the disadvantage of making the device unusable after a restore procedure. Wondershare dr.fone allows you to eliminate this block on Samsung devices with a rather simple path and, even in this case, without losing the data stored in the phone.

Wondershare dr.fone: all the news coming soon

In addition to offering an easy-to-use procedure for anyone who wants to understand in detail how to unlock a phone without too many complications, Wondershare dr.fone – Unlock Screen prepares to surprise users with lots of news. In fact, the introduction of a new function which will be called Remove blocked SIM and which will be available directly from the unlock screen on the platform. Stay tuned to not miss all the news coming to Wondershare dr.fone.