How to take clearer and better photos on your iPhone

I’ve heard it said over and over again that the best camera is the one you have with you. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. I have an amazing DSLR camera and yet I find that most of my photos are taken with my iPhone. Unfortunately, our iPhones still struggle in many ways that more advanced cameras don’t. One such way is the iPhone’s intolerance for low-light situations. If you’re sick of blurry and unclear images, here are some tips and tricks that have really helped me. Here’s how to take better and clearer photos on your iPhone.

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How to take better and clearer photos with iPhone

1. Find good lighting

Good lighting is your best friend when it comes to getting nice, sharp images. When you don’t have good lighting, images become dark, grainy, and often a little blurry. For best imaging results, choose natural over artificial lighting whenever possible. Of course, I understand that it is not always realistic to find natural lighting for your snapshots, and many times the flash is simply not enough. That’s where point 2 comes in.

How to take clearer and better photos on your iPhone

2. Stay stable

It’s difficult to keep a steady hand when taking photos with your iPhone, and in low-light situations, a steady hand is especially crucial for getting a clear image. If you do not have a tripod, try holding the camera with both hands with your elbows against your chest, or lean your arm or camera against a sturdy object. This will reduce camera shake and help you get a clearer shot. There are also third-party camera apps like Camera + that include an image stabilizer, which can be very useful in low-light situations.

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3. Don’t zoom!

Try not to use the zoom option when taking a photo on your iPhone. Unless you have an iPhone 7 Plus, if you want a closer image of something, it is much better to get closer to the subject than to try to zoom in, as zooming generally causes a significant loss of image quality. It is not always possible to get closer to the subject and in that case any image is better than no image, but avoid zooming whenever you can.

How to take clearer and better photos on your iPhone

4. Clean your lens

If after all that you still have a hard time getting clear images, try cleaning your lens. You’d be surprised how many people (myself included) forget this little detail, and it can make a big difference to the outcome of your images.

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Now get out there and start taking some clearer pictures!