inFAMOUS 2 review

When the game starts we will have the opportunity to start our adventure by taking advantage of the bonuses obtainable thanks to the experience gained from our (possible) previous campaign in inFamous
(bonuses that will vary depending on whether you played as a good guy or a bad guy, an essential characteristic of this splendid brand).

Once this is done we will see a short prologue where the gist of what happened in the previous chapter of inFamous will be explained to us in broad terms.
Once we have taken control of Cole (visually a little different from how he appeared in the first chapter to be honest) we will find ourselves fighting against “The Beast”, a huge monster on the Empire City pier with the useful opportunity to do a quick review the basic controls of the game; review which will then continue at the beginning of the first mission regarding the slightly more advanced controls.
The game will take us, after the fall of Empire City, to the streets of New Marais, a sunny, God-forsaken town, corrupted by vice and crime, where the militia reigns, bringing death and destruction to the streets.


The gameplay is easy and intuitive like that of the first chapter, basically the differences are not many.
The only truly substantial one will be the inclusion of the “amplifier” in Cole’s arsenal, a nice gadget created by his friend Zeke, but which, to be extremely honest, there was no need for.
For the rest, the powers are in generic form those of the first chapter, with the now classic possibility of choosing whether to be a “hero” or “infamous” and consequently unlock different missions and powers (and not just those…),
with the usual possibility of causing panic in the city streets with cars exploding and flying here and there, turning the citizens against you, or help them in all their problems with the conduits and become their darling.
Evidently aware of the myriad of insults that gamers will have thrown at the developers of the previous inFamous, Sucker Punch has decided to correct Cole’s movements, allowing him, between one jump and another, to automatically correct his movements in order to avoid disastrous falls from buildings, instead guaranteeing him the possibility of automatically grabbing onto the first useful ledge nearby.
However, a different discussion must be made regarding, alas, the secondary missions.
Sucker Punch has not learned, at least regarding this sore point, from the mistakes made in the previous chapter. The already limited variety of secondary missions that we will encounter around the city will in most cases lead us to attack and liberate a part of the city oppressed by the militia, rather than defend civilians in danger or turn on the much-loved generators.
Certainly in this respect, the developers of inFamous 2 could have done more.


A little disappointing. It’s okay that the title focuses a lot on the story and the playability (and replayability) of the main campaign, whose longevity is around 12/13 hours of gameplay, but the graphics of the game often fall well below what one expects would wait for a title of this genre that has sparked so much hype and from which so much was expected.
In the face of greater care placed in the characterization of the main characters such as Cole or Zeke, rather dull and repetitive polygonal models of the buildings are contrasted, nothing bad is clear, but now that the latest released games make the potential of the console clearly visible new generation, we would always expect products of the highest level from a graphic point of view.


The audio is good. The ambient noises are well crafted and in harmony with the chaos you unleash on the screen.
The dubbing is among the best in Italy (like that of the first chapter, the voice actors have in fact been confirmed en masse). The voices of the voice actors convey the idea of ​​the characters well, with a particular mention of Cole’s voice actor, who has a very perfect voice for the character assigned to him.


Although the main campaign offers a good number of side quests that guarantee good longevity for the title, the possibility of creating secondary missions with a real editor in full LBP style, to be played and shared online, allows players of all world to play them and give them a grade. This is an excellent feature, included in this title by Sucker Punch, something that deserves to be copied and implemented in most games that will be created in the near future.


We can say that inFamous 2 is not one of those titles that will make you cry out for a gaming miracle, or that will remain in the history of video games as icons of something legendary. inFamous 2, however, is an excellent game that will give you gameplay that you won’t find elsewhere and several hours of fun.
The title, exclusively on PlayStation 3, is a title that will make fans of the first episode happy, but which is unlikely to attract “novices” to the series, who perhaps expected something more impactful from this new chapter. After all, although the title is excellently crafted, after two years of development we expected perhaps a little more from the guys at Sucker Punch.
The purchase is still recommended, perhaps after having downloaded the first episode for free with Sony’s Welcome Back package from PSN and played.
Good or infamous, have fun.

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