Infographic reveals tons of data about the ‘Battleborn’ beta

Gearbox and 2K Games recently released a test version of their long-awaited first-person MMO, Battleborn, which will be released on PlayStation 4 and other platforms. current generation next month and will allow us to compete with a class system in a series of online game modes.

Now the developers have launched a new infographic collecting data from what this testing phase was. As can be seen in the image, Geoff turned into a spider approximately 1.7 million times, while about 825,000 Varelsi Portals and the community were canceled completed three challenges getting the gold camouflage.

We can also note that a total of 57 billion points of lives healed, while probably the funniest statistic has been that approximately 922,455,000,000 “Furious Potatoes” in multiplayer.

You can check all this information and more in the image below:


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