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Instagram is down for some, but not everyone

Instagram is down for some, but not everyone

Source: Joe Maring/ComoHow

If you’re trying to load Instagram and find you’re having trouble, you’re not alone. Several people are now discovering that the photo and video sharing service is not behaving well, although this does not seem to be an issue affecting everyone at the moment.

The problem appears to have started about an hour ago and shows little sign of improvement. While some people report that they have logged out of their accounts and can’t log back in, others say that Instagram simply refuses to update their feeds. Imagine the ad money Meta must lose!

ℹ️ Note: Instagram is currently experiencing intermittent international outages. Incident not related to country-level internet restrictions or leaking #InstagramDown pic.twitter.com/2mzfLnkYc3

— NetBlocks (@netblocks) May 26, 2022

Neither Instagram nor Meta have said anything about the issue yet, but that seems likely to change if the issues persist.

Instagram has long been one of the best iPhone apps for people to share photos and short videos, but it faces stiff competition from TikTok and YouTube. Blocks like this won’t help, of course, with so many options available if Instagram isn’t working when people try to use it.

However, things aren’t looking much better for TikTok at the moment: DownDetector reports that it has its own problems as well.

Those who currently can’t use Instagram or TikTok should probably find something else to do and then try again in a few moments. Apple TV+ has something to pass the time, for example!

This is a developing story

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