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Intel claims its Arc GPU is faster than Nvidia’s RTX 3060

Intel claims its Arc GPU is faster than Nvidia’s RTX 3060

Intel has released a new performance preview video for the upcoming Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics card via YouTube.

The video shows the Intel graphics card, coupled with an Intel Core i9-12900K processor, running CyberPunk 2077 with an average performance of 60.79fps at 2560×1440 resolution.

Intel also presented some of its benchmark findings against a system powered by Nvidia’s RTX 3060 GPU. The results show that Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition offers 1.15 times more performance than RTX 3060.

The Intel Arc A750 also had a marginal performance advantage over the RTX 3060 for F1 2022, Control, Borderlands 3, and Fortnite, all when played at 2560×1440 resolution.

Intel benchmark results

Of course, this is a relatively small sample and Intel would certainly have chosen the games that make its own GPU performance the most impressive. But still, it’s great to see Intel compete with one of the most affordable Full HD graphics cards on the market in the Nvidia RTX 3060.

However, Intel has yet to officially confirm the release date or price of the Intel Arc A750. Wccftech previously reported that the graphics card in question could cost $350, but that has yet to be confirmed. If accurate, it would be slightly more expensive than Nvidia’s RTX 3060’s $329/£299 launch price.

Intel has confirmed that it will be releasing more content and information about its upcoming lineup of Intel Arc GPUs in the coming weeks, which could mean we’re not too far from an official launch.

We’ll be covering the latest Intel Arc GPU news and leaks, and look forward to reviewing graphics cards as soon as samples are available, so be sure to keep an eye out for reliable reviews.

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