iOS 17.1: How to “prepare” your iPhone for the official arrival

Prepare your iPhone well for the imminent arrival of the new iOS 17.1, which will be available for free download in a few days.

Preparing iPhone and iPad for the arrival of a new update is not always easy. It mainly depends on the errors that are generated during normal daily use, but above all on the previous use of “beta software” versions.

Take advantage of our 3 very important tips to prepare your iPhone or iPad for the arrival of the new iOS 17.1, which should be officially available to everyone within a few days.

Is your iPhone ready yet? Find out now!

How to prepare your iPhone and iPad?

  1. Update iPhone to iOS 17.0.3 so as to have the latest version available and generate as few errors as possible;
  2. Remove any Errors on your iPhone;
  3. Make a safety backup so you don’t lose your data (you can find info on the iPhone errors link).

Do you have the beta version?

If you own one of the beta versions of iOS 17, available for developers and public beta testers, you will have to perform a complete reset of the software, in order to completely remove all the errors generated by these test versions, which I remind you SHOULD NEVER BE INSTALLED FOR PLAY .

In short, wait for the new update, because we are working for you with Apple, like every year, to make it the best possible.

What’s new iOS 17.1

  1. “Personal App Notifications” are BACK on iPhone;
  2. Fixed an issue related to battery life on iPhone and Apple Watch;
  3. Fixed the “radiation” problem on iPhone 12;
  4. Added a new feature that detects when iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are in the user’s pocket, using proximity sensors, to change the behavior of the new Action button. (In this case, users will have to press the button longer to activate the action, to avoid accidental presses);
  5. The Facilitated Access function has been modified;
  6. Added support for viewing credit card and bank account balances on the Wallet app (Available in UK only).
  7. Now, the Dynamic Island is also activated when we use the flashlight, to warn us that it is active at that moment (On non-15 models);
  8. Fixed an issue that caused iPhone to turn off at night;
  9. Fixed a problem with iPhone “Location”;
  10. Fixed an issue that BLOCKED some iPhones;
  11. iOS 17.1: Fixed “Slow Keyboard” issue on iPhone;
  12. Fixed an issue related to the “Usage Time” function;
  13. Optimized the “Accident Detection” function for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models (including the “Pro” models);
  14. Minor fixes.

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