iPhone 15 free?

Apple has kept the prices of the iPhone 14 series the same as those of the iPhone 13 series. Furthermore, there was no discernible difference between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series. All this points to the widespread belief that Apple will maintain the same prices for the series iPhone 15. On the other hand, given the extent of inflation, there are also speculations about the price increase.

While the current trend suggests no pricing changes, Apple will almost certainly charge extra for higher models. This implies that the price of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max may be slightly higher than the price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The same can be said regarding the price of the iPhone 15 Pro.

I’ve included the expected costs of the iPhone 15 series below to give you a better idea of ​​what to expect:

iPhone 15 prices:

  • 128GB: 979 euros (against 1,029 euros)
  • 256GB: 1,109 euros (against 1,159 euros)
  • 512GB: 1,359 euros (against 1,419 euros)

We continue with the iPhone 15 Plus, the larger of the two “base” models.

iPhone 15 Plus prices

  • 128GB: 1,129 euros (against 1,179 euros)
  • 256GB: 1,259 euros (against 1,309 euros)
  • 512GB: 1,509 euros (against 1,569 euros)

Let’s now move on to the Pro variants, starting from the smaller of the two.

iPhone 15 Pro prices

  • 128GB: 1,239 euros (against 1,339 euros)
  • 256GB: 1,369 euros (against 1,469 euros)
  • 512GB: 1,619 euros (against 1,729 euros)
  • 1TB: 1,869 euros (against 1,989 euros)

And finally the most expensive variant, which loses the 128 GB memory cut (at the same price there are now 256).

iPhone 15 Pro Max prices:

  • 256GB: 1,489 euros (against 1,619 euros)
  • 512GB: 1,739 euros (against 1,879 euros)
  • 1TB: 1,989 euros (against 2,139 euros)

iPhone 15 free? Watch out for scams.

If someone has offered you a free iPhone 15, it is definitely a scam and therefore ignore it and do not click on any link received via social media or via Whatsapp. If this offer came from a telephone operator it is most likely an installment payment plan, and therefore initially it would be free but you will then have to pay it in installments for 24 or 36 months…

You can’t get an iPhone for free unless you win a contest that offers an iPhone as a prize, but… what are we talking about?…. There are people in the world who need food, shelter, medicine, there are people who don’t even know what an iPhone is but would rather have a plate of pasta if it were offered to them… you don’t NEED a free iPhone!

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