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iPhone prices in Russia rise again as sanctions continue to weigh on the economy

iPhone prices in Russia rise again as sanctions continue to weigh on the economy

Prices for Apple products at premium retailers continue to rise in Russia as economic sanctions continue to strangle the country’s economy.

Research by ComoHow indicates that Apple’s best iPhone, the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max, is currently available for pre-order at a price of 263,990 rubles at the premium retailer re:Store, well above the price of the March 3, 239,990. The current price is around US$2,345. As we previously reported, prices in the country have skyrocketed following the Ukraine invasion, with dealers reopening with prices 50% above their original cost. As of March 3:

According to research by ComoHow, the 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max was released for pre-order on February 9 at a pre-order price of 109,990 rubles. This is approximately $940 at current exchange rates; however, at the time of listing based on historical exchange data, it would have been approximately $1,470. The same model listed as of March 3 is now priced at 149,990 rubles, or about $1,277 at the current exchange rate, but $2,005 at the old exchange rate.

Similarly, the aforementioned 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max, which was previously listed at 109,990 and then 149,990, is now priced at 189,990.

Apple itself stopped selling products in the country in response to the invasion, a move that prompted the Kremlin to begin seizing assets and freezing the accounts of Western countries that responded in this way. The companies would be threatened by external management or even nationalization in the country.

Since Saturday:

Vladimir Putin reportedly told government officials on Thursday that Russia was considering establishing an “external administration” for companies that had ceased operations in the country following the invasion of Ukraine. This would include Apple as well as companies like Microsoft, IBM, McDonald’s, IKEA, etc. Putin reportedly said: “We must act decisively with those that they are going to close their production… so we have to… introduce external management and then transfer these companies to those who want to work».

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