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Is skating (4) free? Answered

Is skating (4) free? Answered


Free entry, with some caveats.

Posted Jul 14, 2022 Jake Su

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If you’ve been following the skateboarding scene in video games, then the upcoming Skate 4, or skate., should be one to watch. Developer Full Circle has been quiet about the game, but in a new update for The Board Room, some juicy new details have been revealed. If you are curious if Skate 4 is free to play, we have the answer for you.

Is skating (4) free?

With pad 4/pad. Taking players to the city of Saint Vansterdam, this trip will cost them nothing, whether you play on PlayStation, Xbox or PC. However, it will come with some compromises, as shared in the update.

Does Skate(4) have microtransactions?

As a free game, we can definitely expect microtransactions. However, Full Circle wanted to point out that there are several strict rules that they adhere to when it comes to this area. Basically there will be:

Full Circle is currently working with testers to further improve their game, although it is still in its infancy. More playtests are coming in the coming months, so for those looking to get going, be sure to stay tuned. From now on skate 4/skate. It has no release date.

Now that you know Skate 4 is a free-to-play experience, you can better prepare yourself for the inevitable microtransactions. However, with Full Circle’s promise not to overdo it, hopefully things will be less intrusive and we can focus on driving until the wheels fall off.

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