Japan to receive exclusive ‘Senran Kagura’ merchandise

Despite title content in the style of Senran Kagura in which an artificial image of women is used and they are the main focus of the entire game are not seen very well by the authorities in the West, the Japanese public takes this type of designs In a different way.

So much so that those fans of the game and the Anime series now have access Senran Kagura merchandise, such as books, mats, mouse pads and many more items, although for really high prices. In fact, the mouse pad has a price of 4,000 yen, the mats can be obtained for 6,000 and the pillowcases are released for 12,000; all with suggestive designs of the characters, although some more than others.

You can check the type of merchandise from Senran Kagura coming to Japan next:


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