‘Jotun’ and ‘Dead Island: Retro Revenge’ appear classified for PS4

The Brazilian classification table has once again leaked a couple of new titles that they will arrive soon to Sony’s current desktop platform, PlayStation 4; in addition to Xbox One and PC.

This is Jotun:Valhalla Edition, a game of action and exploration with classic hand-crafted designs based on the story of Greek mythology that was previously released on PC through the Steam platform. If you visit the product page, you will find an acceptable amount of analysis and quite positive reviews.

Yesterday, like many of you will know, Dead Island: Retro Revenge was leaked on the Australian ratings board and has now appeared on the Brazilian ratings board as well. Unfortunately we don’t have much information about the game beyond knowing that it is being developed by Empty Clip Studios, but now we can confirm that the game will also come to PlayStation 4.


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